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19 Others  I have a traditional culture content and would like to join MyCultureis. How can I ask a partnership
18 Others  Do you have email newsletter service to subscribe?
17 Others  Is it available to reserve a class for a (private) small group with only my members?
16 Payment /Cancellation   How can I cancel the experience that I made a payment?
15 Payment /Cancellation   What should I do when I did not receive email voucher after completing the payment?
14 Payment /Cancellation   Is it available that a single person reserve a group of participants?
13 Payment /Cancellation   Can I pay a class on site?
12 Payment /Cancellation   How can I pay my experience?
11 Your account  How can I cancel (or terminate) your account?
10 Your account  I forgot my account information after the payment of a class. How can I find my information?