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The essentials of Taekwondo with official instructors in World Taekwondo Headquarters
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  • Duration 1h
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  • Max 40
What you'll do
Meet the authentic Taekwondo

Taekwondo, Korean martial arts included in the official Olympic Games since 2000, is a full body sport exercising mainly hands and feet. Since Taekwondo contains a philosophy of harmony and balance which can be found in Taegeukgi, the national flag, its moves also include strenth at the same time litheness. If you train your body with Taekwondo, you can control your mind as well.

With our masters, you will find yourself building up a healthy body and mind.

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Master SeongGwon Kang is one of the exclusive instructors for foreigners in World Taekwondo Headquaters. He has been teaching as one of the nation's top taekwondo masters for 20 years, conducting a number of Taekwondo programs not only in South Korea but also in the U.S., India, and other countries. Based on his excellent leadership and rich experiences, he would like to introduce the philosophy and values of Taekwondo.

 - 5 min: Intro of Taekwondo 
 - 10 min: Stretching 
 - 10 min: Basic & combined moves / kicking techniques 
 - 5 min: Moving combined moves 
 - 10 min: Forms or basic combiined moves 
 - 15 min: Sparring or breaking exercise 
 - 5 min: Closing 

* The detailed courses can be varied depending upon the level of trainees.
Rental fee for Taekwondo uniform
Things to keep in mind
No accessories and jewelries allowed for the safety purpose.

Please write down the participant's height, weight, and gender in the 'Order Note' when making payment.
(Needed information for preparing uniform you will wear during the class)
Cancellation / Refund Policy
- Cancellation 7 days prior to the selected date: No refund
- Cancellation 8 days prior to the selected date: 100% refund
Address : 5 Bldg #505, 32 Dasan-ro Jung-gu Seoul
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