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Korean calligraphy on a fan and a stamp
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What you'll do
Find Inner Peace Holding a Brush!

We are living in a time when handwriting is in erode. Korean calligraphy is not just a hobby but a self-discipline to see inside of you. In the old days, scholars of the Joseon Dynasty thought that their minds could be revealed through their writing. Before writing, they always tried to calm their minds by grinding an ink stick on an ink stone and to put their spirit in their writing.

You'll learn how to write your name in Korean on a fan and have time to write like a Joseon scholar. In this experience, you'll do stone-carving by your hands, engraving your name. The letters you are going to use must be beautifully arranged to carve on a very small stone. Although it is not easy to do, it will be a time of complete engagement. Once you write on a fan and stamp a seal engraved with a Korean name, your output is going to be a masterly piece of work.

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YoungYeon Kim has been owning Hanok Eugene House (TaeGil Kim House/Seoul Future Heritage) for 10 years. Hanok Eugene House is a place where people around the world share their life stories and culture. Thus, it is her pleasure to share the beauty of Korean life in Hanok with people from all other countries. She hopes everyone who visits Hanok Eugene House will take a rest and recharge themselves in weary life.

Based on the life, she shared with diversified people visited in this place, she published "I Travel Around the World in Hyehwa-dong Hanok." She teaches Korean to people who want to learn Korean based on her experience of teaching Korean and Korean culture at Ocean University of China, Quingdao.
 - 10 min: Introducing each other in Korean 
 - 20 min: Intro to Calligraphy & description of the calligraphy tool. 
 - 15 min: Try on making ink slowly grinding on stone (free from all ideas and thoughts) 
 - 15 min: What is Life?(Writing & Drawing in freely) 
 - 20 min: Writing your name in Korean. 
 - 10 min: Try to make your work by writing your name into a hand folding fan 
 - 20 min: Stone stamp making to engrave your Korean name on a small stone plate with a knife 
 - 10 min: Photoshoot time 
Materials for the program, a cup of tea and refreshments.
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- Cancellation 7 days prior to the selected date: No refund
- Cancellation 8 days prior to the selected date: 100% refund
Address : 36 Hyehwa-ro 12-gil Jongno-gu Seoul
*Nearby Tourist Attraction Recommending
Daehak-ro (Hyehwa, Seoul Subway Line 4)

A street of youth dating from 1398
As Daehak-ro ('Daehak' means 'universities;, and 'ro' means 'streets') is named because nine universities, including Seoul Univ., are all located in the area, you can feel the vitality of youth.
As the mecca of the Korean theater industry, most of the famous Korean actors and actresses make their debut based on the experiences in acting here. You may see an actor just passing by you on the street at the Academy Awards a few years later.
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