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Korean traditional dance for beginners
  • Date Fri
  • Duration 1h 20min
  • Min 2
  • Max 10
What you'll do
Elegant dance moves expressing a way of life

As a basic course to learn Korean folk dance properly, the program consists of the basic movements of the three traditional dances - Seungmu, Taepyeongmu, and Salpuri - that have been inherited since the Joseon Dynasty. You will be taught those movements under the name of 'basic dance'. As Korean folk dance focuses on natural body movements that involve breathing and emotion, it will be a time for you to feel the elegance and calm of the Orient.

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Hansamo Dance Company(CEO: Sungwon Seo, Tutor: Sol Nam) is a dance troupe that has preserved the original form of Salpuri dance tradition and led by Sungwon Seo, the master of the Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No.46. 

Although the individuality of the dancer melts into a number of variations over time, it is always meaningful to keep and pass on the basic duties. This is because it contains the meaning of dance and philosophy of life that ancestors carried.  You'll be experiencing a novel dance possessing elegance and flowing movements. 

 - 15 min: Intro of the program and participants 
 - 50 min: Learn Korean traditional dance 
 - 15 min: Photoshoot time 
A complimentary rental for a long flare skirt.
Things to keep in mind
A pair of socks and easy-to-dance clothes.
Cancellation / Refund Policy
- Cancellation 7 days prior to the selected date: No refund
- Cancellation 8 days prior to the selected date: 100% refund
Address : B02, 14 Nonhyeon-ro 157-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul
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