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[*Only available here] Playing the Korean folk songs and Kpop with the 12 stringed Gayaguem
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What you'll do
Gayageum, the melody playing with the fingertips

Gayageum, a traditional musical instrument that has inherited since at least 1,500 years ago, is currently played the most among the national instruments. It is a stringed instrument made of 12 strings of silk thread on wooden barrel, making sound by tearing or bouncing the strings with fingertips.

You'll learn the basic techniques of Korean traditional folk songs as well as play the well-known K-pop songs, feeling the melody of the attractive sounds of Gayageum. 

Don't worry. Even beginners who are new to it can learn easily.

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*This service is only availabe here at Mycultureis.

ATRA Company is a cultural content company that creates fusion of various genres and Korean traditional music, Gugak. We promote the Korean traditional music to the public by adding contemporary elements to the traditional music. Through utilizing various elements of other traditional performances, including Gugak, Nanta, and Sword dance, we pursue classy and lively music.

Aram Kwon is a Gayageum performer affiliated with ATRA company, who has been active at home and abroad. She will teach Gayageum, the most well-known Korean traditional instrument in easy way for you to learn.
 - 10 min: Instrument explanation and demonstration 
 - 10 min: How to play the instrument 
 - 15 min: Let's play a traditional song, Arirang 
 - 20 min: Let's play K-pop songs 
 -  5 min: Closing 
Musical instruments rental, a cup of Korean tea.
Things to keep in mind
Children under 7 are only permitted to observe the program.
Please use public parking areas.
Cancellation / Refund Policy
- Cancellation 7 days prior to the selected date: No refund
- Cancellation 8 days prior to the selected date: 100% refund
Address : 35 Omok-ro 50-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
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