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[English/Italian] Sinchon Food Tour
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  • Duration 3-3.5 hours
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  • Max 6
What you'll do
Experience Korean street foods and the famous K-BBQ in the heart of the university area of Sinchon!

Language: English
Time: 3-3.5 hours 
Approximate walking distance: 2km 
4 stops 

Come discover Korea’s most celebrated foods in the university area of Sinchon with local guides! We will discover the hip and young area of Seoul which is buzzing with young students and artists. Once known as the experiential hub of Korea, a lot of “firsts” in Korea’s food industry have their roots in Sinchon! 

Going around the buzzing evening streets of Sinchon, you will try classic Korean street foods, Tteobbeokki (spicy rice cakes) and Oemug (fishcake), Korean sweet and savory fried foods, the famous Korean barbeque and to finish it off, a classic Korean dessert, Bingsu. For the ones who are adventurous out there, we have some special surprises too! 

We will also bring you to the beautiful railway track that is now turned into a 6.3km long park! 

The tour includes one alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage for each customer at the barbeque restaurant! As we would be eating at street food stands as well, you may want to carry water with you. 

Since the tour includes some traditional Korean food items, it would be difficult to accommodate special dietary requirements. 

* Food Tour Route: 

1. We meet at the Sinchon station and begin our journey with looking at some old photos of the Sinchon station and learning about its history.

2. Then we hop to a street food stand to try the famous spicy rice cakes and fishcakes. Here you may get to try a special dish beloved by Koreans if you are feeling adventurous.


3. We walk towards through the alleys of Sinchon to arrive at the Gyeongui Line Forest Park. 

4. After taking a stroll along the park, we come to another food stand that specializes in fried foods. Here you get to taste a variety of sweet and savory Korean fried delicacies.

5. The next stop lies in the heart of Sinchon which is bustling with young Korean university students.

6. We make our way to the Korean barbeque restaurant to experience the ultimate Korean BBQ with some special Korean drinks!

7. We will end our tour with the beloved shaved ice desert, Bingsu.


Hi! I am Nandita (or Nani ^^) from India and I have been living in South Korea for more than 2 years now! I am currently a Global Korean Studies major student at Sogang University which is located in Sinchon. I am a former culinary arts student who can talk non-stop about food. I love Korean food and love introducing people to the Korean food culture! I am always out finding hidden restaurant gems and exploring new foods. Would you like to explore Korean food with me? ^^
​​​​​​* We meet at Line #2 Shinchon station exit no.8 ​
-20mins : Greeting & Street food
  . Tteokbeokki Stand & Fried Food Stand
  . Menu: Tteokbeooki, Fishcakes and if you are feeling adventurous we have a special treat for you! 
  . Menu: Seeet Heotteok, Savory Heotteok, Red Bean Donuts, Korean twisted donuts

-50mins : Gyeongui Line Forest Park

-80mins : Barbecue restaurant 
  . Menu: Beef barbecue, side dishes, beer/soju/soft drinks

-30mins : Korean dessert café 
  . Menu: Red bean Bingsu + Korean sweet bread
* Korean foods you will get to try: 

. Tteobeokki (spicy rice cake)
. Eomuk (Fishcake)
. Kkwabaegi (Korean twister donut)
. Hotteok (Korean sweet and savory fried pancakes)
. Korean Barbeque 
. Bingsu (Korean traditional shaved ice dessert)
. Bungopang (Korean sweet snack)
. Korean alcoholic drinks (Soju and Beer) (can be omitted ^^)
Things to keep in mind
- Wearing comfortable walking shoes. 
- No private parking space
- Dietary preferences should be stated in advance
Cancellation / Refund Policy
- Cancellation 7 days prior to the selected date: No refund
- Cancellation 8 days prior to the selected date: 100% refund
Address : Line #2 Shinchon station exit no.8 
We meet at Line #2 Shinchon station exit no.8 
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